So yeah....

It's been a very long time since I posted in here, really should get back to updates on here though most of you lot follow me on my other feeds too. Advantage of this though, I can ramble on into detail about stuff heh.
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Dad's had a relapse...

I got the news last night my Dad's cancer has returned...It's something I wish I never had to hear, and it really messed me up last night. I went into work today and spoke to my line manager straight off the bat before my shift began. told him what was what and he said I could have the rest of the week off. So today I'm just gonna try and get my mind all sorted if I can, tomorrow I'm off to the parents to see my Dad and chat with him.

I pray to the Gods I don't break down in front of him...

Well it's been a while...

So I guess an update is warranted in this here journal of mine.

Currently I'm still in that shitty, insult of a job I call my money earner; we just had 5 guys get made redundant and another fired from the department in December, and we figure more are going to get the chop in the next few months. So I'm still hunting for work when and where I can, to help further this I'll be getting myself sorted with a Door supervisor SIA badge, will open a fair few opportunities for me, and if not a full job, maybe just Friday/Saturday night doorman work.

This was my first Christmas where I had to travel back home to have it, nothing really much to say I guess. Parents picked me up on Christmas eve and we did some last minute shopping before going to their place. Stayed for the next couple of night,s watching TV at times and plodding around the net on my laptop in my old room at other times. Came back on Boxing day to my lair once more, get some relaxation in before my next trip.

Yep, 2 days for a turning around as on Wednesday 29th December 2010 I am making transit to Tampere in Finland, seeing Chibi, Hysi, Weed and others of whom I know over there for New Years. I guess you'd wanna know why and how it came that I'm going to a bloody cold Northern Territory for New Years aye? Well, circumstances meant there wasn't gonna be a big New Years party at mine this year around, and I wanted to do something for New Years. First one away from home so couldn't just let it slip by uneventfully, and I had sad this to Chibi who promptly turned round and said "Well, come here for it then. We got a party happening, biggest Fur meet in Finland in the year".

So after giving it some thought I decided I'd go, course this now means I'll end up cold as hell and that's before they insist I join them for a session in the Sauna (as they manage the cool off bit between sessions by jumping into the snow...ass naked). Don't get me wrong, I won't be regretting it one bit as it is a life experience for me. i might never get to go to Finland again or get to go on such a trip. So expect an update from me in the New Year about this trip, and what insanity happened while there...

Gods damnit...

Well, it's happened again. I've been hit by fraud. Not a big amount by any means, but seeing that someone, somewhere has access to my details and cna make online purchases somehow is unnerving. It is showing me more so the risk of having my earnings and wealth stored within a digitized medium such as a bank. but alas, it's the only way things are done these day's isn't it....

Now for a strong talk with my bank...will include a threat of moving to another bank and such.....grrrr.

EF16 - A Dragon's field report

Ok, so a week on from getting back I finally get my tail in gear and write this here report.

While my travel wasn't anything special, I did run into 2 Birmingham furs at Hannover airport while waiting for our baggage. They had been on my flight as well lol. We caught the train together so that helped a lot, gave me some company and such and instantly new friends to chat with.

The convention this year was in it's new home of the Hannover Hotel Magdeburg, a 4 star superior hotel which was very nice. Rooms were decently sized, layout pretty awesome too. The cost of drinks I knew wasn't going to be cheap, but did drop a brick when i got charged over 23 Euro for three Black Russians; ah well next year it shall be different possibly.

The convention itself was amazing, great way to meet new people and relax. I attended one panel a day (missed 2 I wanted to attend, whoops) and attended the art auction and 2 vs Kage after I had won my art pieces as silent auction ended in the main art show. Didn't have to fight for anything in voice auction which was good.Hopefully next year I attend there will be more panels that grab my attention and I get to.

The trip home was again a little boring flight wise, but the train journey beforehand was made good by bumping into another BritFur heading to Hannover too on the same train. Another Con attendee was on the train and he helped us out in finding somewhere to sit as the one end of the train was packed solid. While at Hannover airport, eating some food in McDonald's, I swear i saw a fursuit walk past in the corner of my vision. Alas, was just tricks, which didn't help my mood. I miss the fuzzy walking balls of floof.

When i had been dropped off at home by the parents my Post Con Depression hit home hard and I felt really shit, but a night's sleep dealt with it. Still wish I was with all the awesome furs I know, but alas our day to day lives take us away. Maybe one day I'll get lucky, win loads of money and be able to travel and see all the awesome people more freely.

Only the future holds the answers, to the next Eurofurence!

Holy catnip Ratman!

We got a Zombie walk in Brum next Saturday! I so wanna do this now, cue military trousers, OG shirt and 'maybe' a gas mask..bloodied on the inside of the lenses, down the arms etc.

Only problem is...i threw out all my zombie type make-up...so no white powdery stuff to make me more pale, no fake blood. Curses!

Ahhhh, spam ^.=.^

The following was received today via both a Linda and a Howard who had added me on MSN, blocked and reported for spam of course. Just so funny I got such, you would think they wouldn't bother as people would instantly block and spam report them when they see the differing emails aye?


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